“Pickpocket of the Mind,” Zinczenko is an international man of mystery who possesses charm, wit, poise, and a somewhat murky past. From Moscow to the Black Sea, and from Tokyo to Naples, Zinczenko has demonstrated his powerful grasp of the human psyche. In fact, some are convinced that he can read minds, predict the future, and transfer thoughts through mental telepathy.

Others claim he has no psychic powers, but is an accomplished student of human nature who possesses the keen observation powers of a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

Zinczenko has transferred his incredible street skills as a card shark, pickpocket and master of escapes to the stage to create a new style of performance art. This show features mind-blowing card manipulation, hilarious attempts at picking the pockets of audience members and daring and dramatic escapes. Zinczenko brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “catch me if you can,” but as his thrilled audiences will tell you, it’s all in fun.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $16 for adults, $14 for seniors and $12 for children 12 and under.

Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center is at 280 Water Street. Johnson Hall is now licensed to serve beer and wine; cash bar available before the show and at intermission. For tickets and information, visit www.johnsonhall.org or call 207-582-7144.

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