MEXICO — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Tuesday to appoint Peter Defilipp to the RSU 10 school board until the annual town meeting in June.

He succeeds longtime board member Betty Barrett, who resigned. Her term expires in June 2016.

“The appointment tonight will last until the annual town meeting in June,” Madigan said. “If Mr. Defilipp decides to run again and gets elected, he’ll then serve the remainder of Betty’s term.”

In other business, the board unanimously voted to send Highway Department employees to a town in New Hampshire to look at a 1999 stainless sweeper that is for sale.

Madigan said he received a fax that the sweeper is available for $20,000.

“You guys might seriously want to take a look at that,” Madigan said. “The one we use right now is a 1984 or something like that. I think we ought to send our Highway Department over to look at that, because that deal is too good to pass up.”

He said the usual price for a sweeper is $250,000.

Board Chairman Richie Philbrick agreed with Madigan, saying that the sweeper “looked well-maintained.”

Selectman Byron Ouellette asked Madigan if there is enough money to purchase the sweeper.

“In our capital funds account, there’s about $100,000, which would be enough to replace another one of our dump trucks, but we’re not planning on doing that this year,” Madigan said.

Selectman Reggie Arsenault suggested that they attempt to negotiate the price of the sweeper.

“I think if we go up there and offer $18,000, we can see what they say,” Arsenault said. “You never know. It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

Following discussion, selectman George Byam made a motion to send Highway Department employees to look at the sweeper and determine if it’s worth purchasing.

“I’ll make sure to tell them that if they think the sweeper looks good, they can purchase it,” Madigan said.

The board also voted to dedicate the 2012-13 Town Report to former police Chief Jim Theriault, who retired on Jan. 15, and to include an “in memory of” page for Robert Gallant, who passed away in February 2013.

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