NORWAY —A fter months of decreases in business, the Norway Trolley House closed their doors Saturday.

On a message posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page, owners Jon and Willow Ochtera, along with staff, thanked supporters.

‘This has not been an easy decision to make. We put our hearts into making this happen, as did our family and friends, and it just did not work out as planned,’ they wrote.

‘Sometimes no matter how badly you want something to work out it just doesn’t.’

Earlier this month the Ochtera’s, who opened the restaurant during the summer, admitted they were having difficulty keeping the restaurant afloat.

The couple was optimistic business would bounce back in the summer, and were trying to ride out the winter months.

The primary problem, the couple said, was getting customers through the door. The restaurant’s advertising budget was cashed strapped, which made it difficult to break away from the previous ownership’s less than savory – quite literally – reputation.

Many residents didn’t know when it traded hands. The Ochtera’s completely swapped the menu and rebuilt it, one homemade sauce, dressing, and meatball at a time. They added a host of microbrews and had plans to renovate the patio space in the hopes of attracting the summer crowd.

Last Thursday, the Ochtera’s made the news official. Their last day was Jan. 25.

‘(Thank you)for your support, stories, spreading the word and helping to make this dream possible even if only for a short time. We are leaving here feeling very blessed, and sincerely hope that someone can make this spot into something great.’

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