Planning a wedding is often both fun and frustrating. While planning a party for friends and family can be fun, couples can easily be overwhelmed by the nuts and bolts of planning such a significant event.

Interviewing vendors, negotiating prices and arranging for accommodations are just a few of the many tasks couples must complete before they can finally relax and tie the knot. The sheer volume of decisions couples must make when planning a wedding is one reason many men and women seek the services of wedding planners.

The following are some additional reasons couples might want to ease their burdens and hire wedding planners as they get ready for their big day.

* Planners are familiar with vendors. Wedding planners work for couples, and while planners often recommend certain vendors, they typically work with whomever the couples ultimately choose.

As a result, veteran wedding planners tend to have worked with every florist, caterer, deejay, and venue in their areas. That makes them an invaluable resource to couples who don’t know where to begin as they start planning their weddings.

Wedding planners can save couples time by suggesting couples avoid certain vendors, whether it’s because those vendors have poor service records or they simply don’t fit into a couple’s budget.

Wedding planners also can make recommendations based on what couples want. For example, wedding planners may know which deejays are best for more raucous receptions and which ones are best suited for couples who want a more formal affair.

* Planners know pricing. Wedding vendors often leave room for negotiation when making proposals to prospective customers. Seasoned wedding planners will know the going rates for various services, helping couples get the best rates possible and doing so with minimal effort.

In addition, planners might be able to negotiate directly with vendors they have worked with in the past, removing one of the biggest stressors of planning a wedding, the negotiation process, from the list of responsibilities couples must handle before tying the knot.

* Planners remember the small details you’re likely to forget. Many couples who have large weddings are getting married for the first time, and there are bound to be details they overlook along the way.

Seasoned wedding planners are far less likely to overlook even the tiniest of details, helping couples rest easy knowing that no stone has gone unturned as their big days draw closer and closer.

* Planners keep you on course. The longer a couple’s engagement, the easier it becomes to put certain decisions off. But as the wedding day draws nearer, that procrastination often turns into panic, as couples realize their options dwindling and decisions need to be made as soon as possible.

Wedding planners hired shortly after a couple gets engaged will be there to ensure couples stay on track, making decisions as needed and not putting important decisions off until the last minute.

* Planners make the wedding day less stressful. Despite all the planning and preparation that goes into their weddings, couples often find their wedding days to be whirlwind days that seem to fly by.

Small problems on a couple’s wedding day have a tendency to be magnified, but a seasoned wedding planner can address such issues before the couple is even aware they existed. This makes the day much more enjoyable for the bride and groom and their investment in a wedding planner that much more worthwhile. 

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