I read the article on “Rethinking what it means to be retired” (Sun Journal, Jan. 23). I think it is the best idea to give the older people a chance to work. It gives us a feeling of being part of the world again, that we are helping ourselves.

It would keep a lot of people out of the doctors’ offices and from taking a pill to counter depression, which I don’t think we need.

The money we earned would help the economy.

I had to give up my part-time job because if I worked, I would lose the rent subsidy. It would be as if I worked for nothing. Then they would give me more food stamps. I did not want food stamps.

I used the money I earned to buy what I needed. If someone in my family needed a little help, I would try to help them. It also kept me out of the food bank. Someone else could use it.

Working gives me a feeling that I am part of today. It’s great to come home, but it also great to feel a part of something.

If we could work out a better guideline so older people could work, we might help Medicaid, food stamps and even housing.

Alberta Fisher, Auburn