PERU — The Board of Selectmen announced at their meeting Monday evening that a town charter committee sign-up sheet would be posted in the Town Office.

“In respect to that committee, we may be selective,” Chairman Jim Pulsifer said.

One resident asked what Pulsifer meant by “selective.”

“One of the things you have to make sure of, in our position as selectmen, is that you get people in the committee who have experience in government,” Pulsifer said. “We’re probably going to be looking for people who have knowledge in that area.

“We could very easily get five or six people who don’t have a damn clue about what a charter committee is, but I don’t think that would be appropriate,” Pulsifer said. “You want a committee that is well-staffed with competent people. This committee is a little different than other committees because the consequences are pretty important to the town, and it needs to be done right. There are a lot of people who can do it, but you want somebody who has more experience. That’s the reason I put that caveat in there.”

In other business, the board heard an update from Road Commissioner Joe Roach.

“Right around Christmas, we had some issues with the salt shed door,” he told selectmen. “We ended up calling the door company to get it fixed. We ended up learning that the retractable cable on the door, from years and years of use, had frayed. They replaced the cable, and while they were there, I had them do preventative maintenance on all of the overhead doors.”

Roach said, “It seems expensive when they’re all done at once, but it really is cheaper to do it all at one time, rather than having the company come up every time. The difference between the way the doors ran then compared to the way they run now is unbelievable,” he said.

Later in the meeting, Pulsifer asked Roach when his road budget recommendations would be completed.

“When do you want it done by?” Roach asked.

“Let’s say tomorrow,” Pulsifer said with a laugh.

Roach smiled and said, “Well, I don’t know if I can do tomorrow.”

“In all seriousness, if you can get it in as soon as possible,” Pulsifer said. “We’re going to be calling the finance committee soon, so we’d like to have it ready by the time we meet with them to discuss the town budget.”

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