DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston High School Key Club is collecting used electronics: working or broken cellphones, iPads, iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras and inkjet cartridges. We have collection boxes in the school, and we will be collecting at the basketball games at Lewiston High on Friday afternoon.

Please drop them off so that we can recycle them. The money we collect will assist the students who are homeless or transitioning in our community. Thank you. — Karen Choate, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What exactly is Maine’s Title 14? I was recently involved in an accident where a city vehicle hit my parked car due to negligence, but because the state of Maine has a Title 14 I was told I most likely will never see any sort of reimbursement and will have to pay my collision deductible and won’t get it back.

I would love more information on this and to know who else has had this problem. — Lindsey via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots wishes you had offered more details about the incident. Looking up Title 14, which is a large document, was not particularly useful.

So, as often when she’s stymied, Sun Spots turned to Sgt. David Chick, inspector of police for the Lewiston Police Department, who kindly wrote the following:

“My best guess is that it is this chapter pertaining to ‘tort claims’ that is being referenced:

“‘§8103. Immunity from suit 1. Immunity. Except as otherwise expressly provided by statute, all governmental entities shall be immune from suit on any and all tort claims seeking recovery of damages. When immunity is removed by this chapter, any claim for damages shall be brought in accordance with the terms of this chapter.’

“This particular statute may be the cause of confusion of generality outside the context of the overall associated chapter is also available online to review at

“This is an area of civil law on which an attorney should be consulted.

“My more basic understanding is that if the vehicle was parked on the street at a time when there was some sort of an emergency declaration imposing a ban, and the city vehicle was engaging in municipal functions in response relating to the emergency condition, that very possibly may incur a scenario which has been described (i.e., a snowplow or sander engaged in operations attempting to clear slippery streets after a weather parking ban has been announced).

“The cities of Lewiston and Auburn have gone to great extents to provide various notifications and alerts, as well as issuing press releases to local media, to ensure that residents are aware of declared emergency bans due to weather or other exigent circumstances. Greater public participation with these services will work to encourage greater engagement of their use in the overall delivery of these important messages.

“Lewiston’s ‘Notify Me’ page is

“Auburn’s ‘Alert Me’ page is”

If Sun Spots and Sgt. Chick have misconstrued your question, please write back with all the details.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for printing my reply to the Jan. 7 question about the Polish club. However, there are two errors.

The McGillicudy block is on the corner of Ash and Lisbon, not Lincoln. And my name is Robert, not Richard.

Incidentally, Joseph Samocki mentioned in the other Jan. 20 response (from James Myall) was my grandfather. Thanks again very much. — Bob Volock, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots went back and looked at your original handwritten letter to see what happened. You did write Lincoln. She, however, turned Robert into Richard.

According to Myall’s research, your grandfather ran the Polish school in the early 20th century.

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