PITTSFIELD — A Bangor Savings Bank on Somerset Avenue was robbed by a lone man on Friday afternoon.

Once in the bank, the robber held up a sign saying he had a gun and that no one would get hurt if money was given up, according to Pittsfield Police Chief Steven Emery. After he was given the money, he walked out the door, heading south on foot.

Emery said he was wearing a large, blue down winter coat, a black face mask and a black hat.

Police conducted a canine track outside the bank and were able to track the robber 150 yards before the tracks stopped, Emery said.

The robbery was reported at 2:45 p.m., he said.

This was third bank robbery in Somerset County in the last two weeks. Two banks in Bingham were robbed by a hammer-wielding suspect.

Anyone with information pertaining to the investigation may contact the Pittsfield Police Department at 487-4439 or 487-3101.