CANTON — The old municipal building on Route 140 was sold to contractor David Bowman for $30,126 on Thursday night.

Selectmen opened the six bids, which ranged from $15,000 to Bowman’s high offer.

Bowman, who attended the meeting, has a lawn care and building contractor business and has equipment that can be housed in the building.

The board will decide at its next meeting where to put the money.

Selectmen discussed several options for a brush truck for the Fire Department. Fire Chief and selectmen Chairman Shane Gallant had several printouts of used pickup trucks. The consensus was to purchase a good, used, one-ton pickup and transfer all the equipment from the town’s brush truck to that pickup.

Gallant said there was no need to purchase any new truck in this economy. The old brush truck has a broken frame and the board decided to put it out to bid with a minimum of $1,500.

Money for a truck will come out of the fire reserve balance, but the amount in that fund has yet to be determined.

A discussion of street lights focused on which ones aren’t working and which ones are no longer needed.

Selectman Robert Walker had prepared an extensive list of the 45 street lights in town and where they are. He determined there are at least seven which no longer work and others that were near houses that no longer exist.

Walker said if they turned off 16 lights which he thought could be eliminated, it would save the town $150.99 per month. The board voted to have him arrange to have certain lights turned off.

Selectman Brian Keene prepared a sample media policy, which the board will review before its next meeting. It will also review a revised personnel policy at its next meeting.

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