This is response to a photo that accompanied a story that ran Jan. 27 showing a 6-year-old girl learning to shoot targets during the Winter Festival Paintball Biathlon in Auburn.

I am angry with the Sun Journal to print such a photo and to call it fun — teaching a little girl to shoot.

It is bad enough that boys learn it, so they can get into schools and shoot their classmates when they are angry.

A little girl should be taught by her mother, grandmother or aunt the use of the needle — how to sew a quilt or blanket for her doll and teddy bear.

There was a story I read in the newspaper where a gun-toting mother even carried a pistol to a sporting event at school. Well, she was then shot by her own husband.

Remember this, what our Lord said, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” It can also happen with guns.

What a shame. Aren’t there enough children, more than 5 million a year, denied the chance to be born and live in this great land?

Heidi Weber, Dryden

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