LEWISTON — Central Maine Christian Academy, 390 Main St., recently held an awards ceremony for the second quarter of the 2013-14 school year.

High honors: Gabbie St. Hilaire, Meaghan Dyer, Arty Gagnon, Francis Bruno, Ryan Dyer, Nathan Penley, Oliver Grant, Gabe Cutter, Seth Henson, Seth VanDeursen and Shea Marston.

Second honors: Sarah Emano, Buck Hess, Hannah Pullen, Tatiana St. Hilaire, Brandyn Hobbs, Cassidy Saldana, Brooke Lacombe, Joey Lam, Hannah St. Hilaire, James Morrill, Andrew Frechette, Madison Smit, Mia Emond, Alex Hilton, Tiah Duteau, Jordan Grant, Isaiah Smith, Isaiah Littlefield, Kallie St. Hilaire and Phillip Pendexter.

Perfect attendance: Valerie Cutter, Reese Timberlake, Christien Davis, Ian McGuire, Isaac Thorndike, Sydney Marston, Gage Davis, Abi Hilton, Mike Hilton, Azlin Artea, Paxton Timberlake, Dylan Sanford, Ben Ebersole, Renaldo Carty, Buck Hess, Cassidy Saldana, Gabbie St. Hilaire, Hannah Pullen, Francis Bruno, Joey Lam, Skyler Henson, Autumn Cloutier, Kayla Donaher, Avalene Tardif, Hannah St. Hilaire, Lucas Frechette, Isaiah Smith, Gabe Cutter, Phillip Pendexter, Mia Emond, Joshua Colon, Nathan Penley, Alex Hilton, Ryan Dyer, Tim Emano, Bobby Simond and Shea Marston.

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