By Amanda Johnson

SUMNER— Selectmen recently announced the resignation of Planning Board member Ricky Beaudet, and discussed filling the empty position.

Beaudet send the board a letter, informing the members that he will be leaving his position on the Sumner Planning Board.

Due to Beaudet’s increase of work, he will be leaving his full-time position on the board. In his letter, Beaudet apologized for any future burden he may put on the board in his absence, and any inconvenience it may cause.

His letter read, ‘I hope by stepping down you will find a replacement who will be able to commit more time than I have been able to lately.’

‘We do have a vacancy, and a letter from the Planning Board stating that we need to find a replacement for Ricky Beaudet,’ Selectman Walter Litchfield told the rest of the selectboard at their Feb. 11 meeting.

Selectwoman Mary Ann Haxton moved to put the word out that a full-time position on the Planning Board needs to be filled. The selectboard is requesting that anyone wishing to take the position on the board should submit a letter of interest to the selectmen.

The selectmen requested that letters of interest be submitted by March 11, and interviews for the spot will be held on March 25.

The board also clarified that any alternates on the Planning Board wishing to fill the full-time position needs to go through the same process.

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