LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen voted Thursday to change their meetings from Mondays to the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Board Chairman Bill Demaray said it makes it easier for the staff to get items ready for the meeting. Initially, the board went to Tuesdays the last couple of months to meet Demaray’s medical treatment schedule.

The board also opened bids for a Fisher hopper sander, a dump body and a cruiser.

The 2008 Crown Victoria cruiser drew the most bids with seven. It has more than 160,000 miles. Selectmen accepted the bid of Jewel Pinkham of Phillips for $2,001.99. The other bids ranged from $582.69 to $1,127.

Selectmen voted to sell the sander to Robert Hastings of Chesterville for $1,551.50. The other bid submitted was $362.

The board also voted to sell a dump body to Hastings for $1,051.50. The other bid was $208.64.

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