BRUNSWICK — On Thursday, March 6, Thornton Oaks will present their latest art exhibition, “Transcendence: Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.” Three Maine artists will create an artistic exhibition of color, form and texture. The experience will start at the entrance of the main building, and will continue throughout the large exhibit room and extend into the Fireplace Lounge.

Mary McFarland, Jan Royall and Dona Seegers have enjoyed working together over the years and share an appreciation for the process of art and design as a means to strive for balance and harmony individually and collectively. Most recently they collaborated on a multimedia exhibit investigating and responding to the universal imagery of the spiral.

Royall of Kingfield, stained glass artist, works with mixed media assemblage for this exhibit. “Our stories define us. Whole cultures, as well as individuals, are shaped by them. This series of assemblages tells universal stories of those moments in our lives when we are compelled to change. The wings symbolize movement, the vehicle for change. The birds are you and me. Within each of us lies the knowledge that we can spread our wings, transition and even transcend,” said Royall.

McFarland of Farmington is a fiber artist designing clothing, tapestries and window hangings. “What I have come to realize is that creating art is a part of my spiritual practice. Visual images, when I get them ‘right,’ give me a sense of joy and purpose that transcends beyond myself,” she said.

Seegers of Mt. Vernon is a conceptual artist working in installation and mixed media with a passion for design. “My work reflects an intimate interaction with my rural Maine environs in combination with personal metaphors. For this exhibit I have repurposed artwork as a transformation from my past. I enjoy using digital photography to explore, gather and share ideas,” said Seegers.

The public is invited to hear the artists discuss their work at 4 p.m. followed by a reception.

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