RUMFORD — This month’s Kaleidoscope, featuring Derek Hoyt, will be held from 7-10 p.m. on Friday at 49 Franklin in the Mystic Theater.
Hoyt is determined to make things happen for himself in music. He is a dedicated artist who not only performs his several versions of favorite country covers but also writes and performs his own material. “Brand New Country Song” is a Derek Hoyt original song and is about how a lot of country songs today are repetitive about the same things, so he wrote about it, and you can hear it at the March 7th Kaleidoscope along with popular country covers and maybe a few more originals.
Derek is joined by Kayla Hodgkins who has played Kaleidoscope with sweet vocals and her Ukulele, Kaleidoscope host Scot
Grassette says “Kayla really has a great sound, and got a nice reaction from the crowd the last time she was here, we’re very happy to have her back.”
Brian Arsenault makes his musical debut with acoustic flat top and some unique selections that you are sure to enjoy!
This month’s visual art features MEGA Art Fusion, which is much like regular art fusion only there is one piece of paper 3x 8 foot, there will be words drawn to lead the artists working on the piece in specific directions. All of the performances and art activities lead into a co-created evening to celebrate the arts!
There will be a cash bar and snacks available. There is no fee to enter but the fish bowls will be out to show appreciation for the art and performances.