Many artists know the feeling of wanting to pack in the brushes but for Ribisi-Braley it goes further. “As I’m working through the process, I’m also working through chronic pain that makes it difficult to be in the studio as much as I need to be. Namely, migraines dampen my studio practice. Working on these abstract pieces, full of turmoil and quick-paced lines of repetitive mark making, is a way for me to work around the pain and let it all hang out,” she said.

As part of working through her process, Ribisi-Braley creates small sketches. These studies allow the artist to work through color schemes, composition and movement while remaining finished pieces in their own right. “In my studio there are always at least two paintings going at the same time as well as some small oil sketches on paper or tiny canvases.”

To Ribisi-Braley, her process is also a statement on how she wants her health. She is in control, whether it is reinventing the color and composition, or taking a previously finished painting and completely painting over it. Her process demands that she starts fresh and takes control while she is “searching for the point when it all feels better.”

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University, Ribisi-Braley has shown in group shows throughout Maine and beyond. This is her first solo show. The public is welcome to the opening reception from 5:30-9 p.m. Friday, April 4, at Monkitree.

Monkitree in at 263 Water Street. For more information, call 207-512-4679 or email [email protected]

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