DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have several thousand baseball cards from approximately 1985 to 1989 that I would like to sell. I have seen a sign on Route 202 in Greene that says “Wanted: Baseball Cards and License Plates.” However, there is no phone number on the sign. Would anyone know who this is and how to reach them? — Keith Perry, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots does not have that phone number — perhaps a reader will — but she recommends you sell your cards online. That is where most collectibles are now traded, and you will likely get a higher price. The person in Greene probably uses eBay as well.

There are numerous websites focused solely on baseball cards, which can be extremely valuable. You will want to ascertain the value of your cards before you sell them. If you google “baseball card value guide” or “baseball card trading sites” you will be amazed at the number of responses you will get. Way too many for Sun Spots to list.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for all the good you do for us. We all know this is the place to go to find answers. I need help!

I just received the sad news my gym Curves is closing and there is not another one in the area. My question is: Is there another gym in Lewiston-Auburn area that offers hydraulic machines? They are perfect for people who want to keep limber.

Thank you in advance for your help. Please email me. We are in South Carolina until April 1. — No Name

ANSWER: Other than calling all the gyms in the region, Sun Spots doesn’t have an answer, but perhaps readers can help by recommending their favorites. As for emailing you, Sun Spots doesn’t respond to readers directly, only in the column. She hopes you’re reading the column at while in South Carolina.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Recently one of your readers wrote about failing to get credit from Staples for the return of empty ink cartridges. The same thing happened to me. I returned the cartridges to Staples and was told that I would get the credit memo in my email account. It never happened and I did not get any satisfaction from the store.

Do you know of any other businesses that issue credit for empty cartridges, or perhaps one of your readers may know. Incidentally, I love your column. Keep up the good work. — C.A.L. via email

ANSWER: After Sun Spots’ failure to help, that reader switched to Office Max. Sun Spots went online to make sure they are still taking those cartridges and to check out the rules. She found them at

You will have to join in the MaxPerks Rewards program, which you can do online, at any OfficeMax location or by calling 866-629-7375.

Participants can earn a $2 MaxPerks reward for each qualifying visibly undamaged, originally manufactured, ink or toner cartridges of any brand by bringing them to any OfficeMax retail store location, up to 10 ink/toner cartridges ($20 in rewards) per calendar month per member. In select markets, members may receive an instant discount in-store, in lieu of a recycling reward for recycling ink/toner cartridges at OfficeMax stores.

Potential customers can check out the fine print online at

There are plenty of online recycling options, as well, but Sun Spots cannot vouch for any particular service.

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