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By: Christopher Crosby

Photos courtesy of Andrea Owens

The Advertiser Democrat last spoke with Andrea Owens about a year ago at the behest of her father, whose ‘amazing daughter’ had a job few could imagine: the nanny for the Saudi Arabian royal family.

The Oxford Hills alum spoke about the awe of working in in the Middle East for a royal family, the cultural differences, and her daily life.

On a recent trip home, the Oxford resident was surprised when sister Amy had a message waiting for her when they met at the airport – for the first time in many months – that she had another interview with the paper.

Owens’ most recent venture took her to Fiji for a break from the hot dessert sands, spending about a week on the tropical island nation vacationing with a few friends…

Read the full story at the Sun Journal.

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Andrea Owens spent a day with students in Fiji, delivering goods to the school and describing life in America.

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