DEAR SUN SPOTS: To answer the inquiries from Bob in Arizona (March 12), the Garcelon Elementary School was located opposite Garcelon Field, where the World of Mirth carnival would set up every summer for many years.

The school was located where two streets met and made a “V,” but I don’t recollect the names of the streets. Sabattus Street may be one.

As for Auburn Lunch, it was on Court Street in Auburn, across from the Androscoggin County Courthouse. I think it was in the block now housing an antique shop.

Hope this helps and that others will be able to add more information. Your column is such a joy and has helped so many people in so many ways. Thank you! — C.G.H., Farmington

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Garcelon School was at 248-254 East Ave. in Lewiston (the corner of East Avenue and Sabattus Street). This school was built in 1873 and was used as such until about 1969, then used briefly for offices, and then after almost 100 years of service it was razed and sold to make way for what is now Elizabeth Ann’s gas station.

You can read more in the Feb. 6, 1973, Lewiston Evening Journal: “For sale: Garcelon School nears its end after 99 years” ( The story is continued here:

I have attached a photo of the school from 1971.

As for Auburn Lunch that Bob asked about, it was at 60 Court St., and Packard’s Pharmacy was at 68 Court St. There is a cool half-page ad on the Auburn Lunch renovation (with a hazy picture) from Oct. 25, 1940, here:

There are two Facebook groups with several thousand members that post pictures and memories of both Lewiston and Auburn: “Growing up in Auburn” ( and “I was born in Lewiston, ME, and remember when …” (

Each group has the ability for one to view all the pictures posted, and each can be searched by keyword. All you need to do is join and enjoy. You must first join Facebook of course. — David Gudas, Lewiston, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In your March 12 column Bob asked about Garcelon school. Named after Alonzo Garcelon, it was located at the corner of East Avenue and Sabattus Street on the lot now occupied by Elizabeth Ann’s gas station. I lived in the area most of my life, went to school there and used the playground for many years. — Joseph Lesage, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For Bob inquiring about Garcelon School in Lewiston: If memory serves correctly, there was a school located on the corner of East Avenue and Sabattus Street where Elizabeth Ann’s gas station now stands.

It was a long, rectangular white building with green trim, and its front door on the narrow end of the rectangle faced the corner. It had a small stoop with four to five wooden steps leading to the front door and an air raid shelter sign affixed somewhere in that same front corner.

Perhaps the reports of the Lewiston School Committee for the 1950s would have more information. These can be found at the Androscoggin County Historical Society library, which is located on the third floor of the Androscoggin County Courthouse in Auburn. The town reports are on the shelves on the right side as you enter the room.

The library is open Wednesday through Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. You can call them at 207-784-0586 during those hours and ask about the procedure for accessing the elevator. — Connie Hitchcock, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to the question about Garcelon school, it was on the corner of Sabattus Street and East Avenue. 

As for Auburn Lunch, it was on Court Street right before the Longley Bridge on the right-hand side. My sister-in-law worked there while in high school. — Jackie McMorran, Lewiston

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