I remember the “olden days” when both the Lewiston Daily Sun and the Franklin Journal had “local news” in every paper, sent in by local townspeople. There were local correspondents in most every town, writing about things of interest going on and keeping people updated about events, such as when taxes had to be paid, etc. It wasn’t that long ago when Weld had a person who got paid a few pennies for that news. And there was news from New Sharon, and many others as well.

What happened?

The Franklin Journal changed over to “special interest” stories many years ago and was never the same after that.

Now I hear people complaining that they are dropping their subscriptions because “there is nothing to read anymore.”

That is happening because newspapers do not give readers what they want, what they are interested in. Of course, privacy laws are in play more, nowadays, but without any human interest (which is the heartbeat of any newspaper), people won’t buy a newspaper, not in this recession.

While I am on the subject, the Sun Journal lost me from writing any letters to the editor by making them cut and dried and limiting my word count, so my arguments or context did not reflect my purpose for writing. Letters to the editor are some of the few human interest things going on in the newspapers (unless articles by Mark LaFlamme).

Wake up and smell the roses before they fade away.

Marylyn Bachelder, Strong

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