RUMFORD — The Beacon House Social Club will team up with the Rumford Local Consumer Council, the Rumford Hospital and Swift River Family Medicine to host a seasonal wellness resource fair April 5.

The fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Beacon House on Congress Street.

Dorie Oakes, who volunteers at the house, said Beacon House reached out to the Rumford Hospital earlier in the year about hosting a seasonal wellness fair to teach people how weather affects people’s moods and present information on how to live healthier.

“It’s one thing to be physically healthy, but we also want to show people ways to be mentally healthy,” Oakes said.

“We wanted to do one of these in the winter, but it got canceled because of the bad weather,” Oakes said. “We went to the Rumford Hospital to talk with them about holding some type of resource fair, and they connected us to Swift River Family Medicine.

“There are several issues we want to bring before people, something to get people in here, show them what we’re all about here at the Beacon House,” she said. “Hopefully, some of the information we present will hit home with someone.”

Topics will include Seasonal Affective Disorder and relaxation techniques.

“We want to show people that depression can sometimes escalate when the weather changes,” Oakes said.

There will also be presentations from the River Valley Healthy Community Coalition and the Med-Care Ambulance, which will explain what to do in case of cardiac arrest.

“We’re also going to hear from a resident, Dawson Walton, about ways to work exercise into your life, and Scott Frasier from the Hannaford Pharmacy, who will give a presentation on the effects of medication that isn’t taken correctly,” Oakes said.

Each presentation will be about 30 minutes.

A free lunch will be offered.

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