LEWISTON — Lucien Gosselin will step down as president of the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council at the end of June.

“He was part of the original creation of the Growth Council,” Mark Adams, chairman of the council’s board of directors, said. “He was integrally involved in growth and development of joint services, the Growth Council being a preeminent part of them. He really helped all of that movement along initially. And then to come back for 16 years to become part of it and to serve it so well, that was pretty important for the two communities.”

Adams said a subcommittee of the council is working to find someone to take Gosselin’s place.

Gosselin said he made the decision last fall and announced it to the committee’s board in December.

“I’ve had 52 years in this business, almost,” Gosselin said. “I’m going to be 73 and it’s time to make a change.”

Gosselin joined the city staff in 1963, working as an administrative assistant in the office of Civil Defense. He became a clerk of the controller’s office later that year and eventually rose to the title of city controller. After a new City Charter was adopted in 1980 and the job of city administrator was created, he filled that position until June 1989.

He went on to work for the Sisters of Charity Health System — operators of St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center — W.S. Libbey Co., and Maine Development Foundation before coming to the Growth Council.

Gosselin said he has no plans to take another position.

“I’ve been offered stuff, but at this point I’ve refused to make any commitments to anybody,” he said. “We’ll see what happens, but I’m not looking for anything.”

Gosselin said he does plan to retire locally.

“I’m a native, and I’m going to remain a native right down to the end,” he said.

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