LEWISTON — The next effort sponsored by the L A Women Rising campaign is a rally to be held on April Fool’s Day at the Lewiston Public Library, Callahan Hall.

Domestic violence and sexual assault are no joke, but the event will use humor and uplifting messages to encourage participants to stand up and raise their voices to stop violence against women. The Lewiston Public Library is joining in the effort by co-sponsoring the rally.

At 5:15 there will be an opportunity to participate in an activity to get everyone into the spirit of the evening. Snacks will also be available as well as time to visit some informational tables.

The rally will begin at 5:30 opening with introductory remarks, a video clip and a poem. The heart of the evening is a guest speaker who will reflect on finding her own strength and voice, followed by a chance for those present to stand and respond to the prompt: “I am rising because…!” Closing the one-hour rally will be another video clip and an invitation for everyone to participate in a pledge to stop violence against women.

L A Women Rising is a growing network of women in the Twin Cities that is working to stop violence against women. Inspired by the international One Billion Rising movement, it is spearheaded by Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services, Safe Voices, the YWCA and The Center for Wisdom’s Women. For more information, including a link to an op-ed about the project, and to join the movement go to www.facebook.com/lawomenrising.

Donations to support the campaign can be sent to The Center for Wisdom’s Women at PO Box 1016, Lewiston. Write checks to Trinity/Wisdom’s Women and put in the memo “LA Women Rising.”

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