I am always deeply moved when I salute the American flag. The America that I envision when I pledge my allegiance is a land of equal opportunity and equal justice for all.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that that America will never exist.

The ruling was that the very rich can donate unlimited money to unlimited candidates and political PACs. If money talks, the rich can shout in political ads, and the poor are mute.

I have never seen a political ad that I thought was completely true. Unfortunately, the very conservative ads will be repeated many more times than their opponents. Unlimited repetition of any story, true or not, will lead many to believe it, and that is where this country is headed.

I don’t believe that the very rich have America’s best interest at heart.

Unfortunately for me, the Golden Rule has just been reinforced by law — he who has the gold makes the rules.

That is not the America I want to salute.

Don Prince, Turner

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