TEMPLE — Darlene Annance said the sound of ice and water rushing down Edes Brook and around her home Tuesday afternoon was so loud, her little dog perked up.

She heard the ice chunks hitting the house, which sits below the grade of Intervale Road.

“I was petrified. I have never been so scared in my whole life,” she said.

By the time she could get from the bedroom to the front door, the ice and water had pushed in the bottom panel of a storm door and was pushing against a door in the entryway to the house, she said.

It picked up her car parked in the driveway, turned it and pushed it to the other side of the driveway in front of the garage, she said.

The ice was still against the house and in the yard Wednesday but the water had drained into Temple Stream as it went around the back of the house.

Edes Brook runs down a hill and under a small bridge, and normally to the left side of the house.

Annance called 911 to report she couldn’t get out of her home and was told to go to the second floor, she said.

The ice and snow acted as a dam to prevent the water from flooding the house, fire Chief Dave True said.

There was a little seepage into the house, the house’s owner Clyde Bryant, who is Annance’s boyfriend, said.

The ice also pushed up against and into the garage, where Bryant has thousands of dollars worth of power tools, he said.

Annance said people used heavy machinery and shovels Wednesday to try to remove the ice and snow.

Temple firefighters and Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies responded.

Town officials are keeping watch on the brooks and streams in case of ice jams breaking lose and causing flooding.

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