DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wonder if your readers remember old-fashioned rummage sales (prior to garage sales)?

For years the YWCA would hold a spring rummage sale to raise money for repairs and needed equipment. Donations of clothing, toys, books, furniture and housewares were brought in and sold on a Saturday by YWCA volunteers.

On June 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. old-fashioned rummage sale will be held at the YWCA at 130 East Ave., Lewiston.

Sun Spots’ readers can drop off items at the YWCA or call me at 783-6651 for pickup. Thanks so much for being a voice for area events! — Mary Ann, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston High School Class of 1974 is holding its 40-year reunion on Saturday, Aug. 2, at Martindale Country Club in Auburn. There will also be a social gathering on Friday, Aug. 1, at Grid Iron Restaurant in Lewiston, from 5:30 to 10 p.m. For more information on the reunion and to get in touch with some other classmates, members and friends can check the Lewiston High School Class of 74 Reunion page on Facebook, or they can email [email protected]

The Class of 1974 was one of the largest at Lewiston High School, with more than 500 graduates. The committee is still looking for addresses for lots of classmates. 

Beverly Ackerly, Michael Albert, Robert Baril, Pauline Bazinet Dube, Jeff Beaule, Cindy Beaule Gagne, Mary Begert Tardif, Deborah Belanger Guay, Denis Belisle, David Bergeron, Paul Berube, Lynn Boisvert, Roger Bolduc, Cathy Bouchard, Sandy Bouchard, David Boutin, Timothy Bradford, Linda Brochu, Joel Bryant, Marie Bussiere Wright, Gail Carrier, Cheryl Carignan, John Chaloux, Raynald Charest, Thomas Charette, Steve Chasse, Rachel Cloutier Vachon, Rene Cloutier, William Cloutier, Ronald Cote, Lance Deschenes, Linda DeStefano, Claudette Dion, Irene Dube Samson, Richard N. Dube, Cheryl Fecteau Thurston, Joseph Feeley, Robert Forsyth, Carol Fournier, Richard Gagnon, Bert Galipeau, Linda Gauthier Baril, Jane Gelinas Dessent-Perry, Dan Geoffroy, Nancy Giasson Rioux, Arlene Giguere Anctil, Paul Gilbert, Morris Girard, Raymond Girard, Ronald Gosselin, Jacqueline Gosselin Francis, Paul Grandmaison, Michael Guimond, David Haas, Edwin Haas, Nelson Haas, Dan Hamann, Carol Hammond, Audrey Hanna Pannier, Lynn Hartnett Booth, Dennis Hopkins, Graham Jagger, Diane Jalbert, Edmund Jalbert, Priscilla Johnson, Nancy Jones Marshall, Rachel Keith Campbell, Gary Ketchum, Fred Klimek, Richard Laberge, Theresa Laberge Labonte, Daniel Labrie, Denis Lajoie, Lorraine Lamie Roberge, Philip Lamontagne, Linda Lamontagne Twitchell, Daniel Landreville, Marlene Landry Ingraham, Sonia Landry, Susan Langelier Langlois, Susan Langlois Spang, Jennifer Laurendeau, Debra Leblanc Davis, Paul Lecompte, Gaylene Lemay Folker, Karen Leriche, Madeline Levesque, Janet Lindsey, Roger L’Italien, Donald Lizotte, Diane Madore, Norman Marcotte, Rick Marcoux, Marcel Mathieu, Theresa Miclon Andrus, Diane Moreau-Ratliff, Karen Morgan-Eagen, Marcel Morin, Paul Morin, Richard R. Morin, Debra Morneau, Diane Morse, Venise Nadeau Treadwell, Ann Nolin Valliere, Paul O’Brien, Steve Ostoposides, Gerard Ouellete, Mark Ouellette, Rachel Ouellette Parent, Thomas Ouellette, Robert Parent, Claudette Pelchat Walters, Roy Pelletier, Philip Pepin, Diane Pinette, Theresa Plourde, Linda Potvin Castonguay, Linda Poulin Perreault, Kathleen Powers, Patricia Provencher, Sharol Renwick Gosselin, Gary Richards, Gail Rigas, Anne Rioux Girard, Carol Rioux Mangan, Claire Rivard Dionne, Diane Robert Beagle, Rachel Robichaud Levesque, Michael Robichaud, Richard Roche, Mark Roderick, Katherine Roderigue Jacques, Lee Rosin Cook, Roni Rounds, David Roux, Ann Roy Chaloux, Connie Roy Storer, Roger Roy, Steve Roy, Robert Seguin, Joyce Simonetti, David Simpson, Richard Sinclair, Pamela Small Bolduc, Brenda Strout Hathorne, Gisele Thibault Larrivee, Vickie Walker, Karen Wood and Thomas Yorke.

If anyone has contact information or can reach any of these class members, please call me or email the reunion address. — Jon Mennealy, 375-8105

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