Eugene Geiger

Email address

[email protected]

Facebook Page?

Occupation or primary source of income

CEO of Geiger


Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, University of Notre Dame, 1971.

Family information

Divorced; sons, Jeff and David.

Public offices sought or held

Lewiston-Auburn Charter Commission.

Do you favor consolidating the Twin Cities?


Why? What is the benefit?

Lewiston, Auburn and the surrounding communities are one economic region. Ideally, we want to be Maine’s most desirable place to live, learn, work and play. That can only occur if we can chart a course that makes best use of the assets we have and attracts talented people from other places. Just as any organization, we want to be as operationally efficient as we can be and we need to have everyone —  government agencies, organizations and individuals — putting their decisions and efforts behind one vision and one plan.

We are competing with great places across this country for people and resources. We cannot be all we can be unless we work as one.

What would convince you to change your opinion?

We might find the political differences and entrenched interests are just too great to overcome. I think it makes sense to see a well-considered plan and a program. At that point each citizen can decide.

What is the single most important question for the Charter Commission to settle?

For me the big issue is whether the Charter Commission can formulate and articulate a program that convinces a majority of voters that our L-A future is better as one, united community. I believe we can do that, but if we cannot, the status quo will prevail.

If the cities are combined, where should the city offices be located and why?

This can only be determined after a lot of study, thought and discussion.

Where should the main police station be located and why?

Same as above. It will take months and months of work to begin to formulate even a draft plan.

Charter commission guide

Auburn candidates

Voters will select three candidates


Voters will select three candidates

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