OLD TOWN – The Leonard Middle School, which opened in the fall of 1964, is holding a 50th birthday celebration on May 22. The schedule of events for the day is as follows:
Alumni Breakfast (7:15-8 a.m.): If you went to school at LMS come for a healthy breakfast and see how middle schoolers start their day. (Please call the LMS main office at 827-3900 to let staff know you will be coming.)
Business Leaders Lunch (11-11:50 a.m.)- LMS would like to treat all supporting businesses for the past 50 years to an invigorating lunch with its middle schoolers. (Again, please call the main office to let staff know you are coming.)
Celebration of 50 Years Assembly (1:15-2:15 p.m.): There will be a series of activities that will celebrate the 50 year history of LMS, including dedication of a time capsule, viewing the fashions of the decades, a walk down memory lane and much more.

Softball-Baseball Games (4-6 p.m.) – Come see spring sports teams in action and join in the festivities of a special first pitch, a homegrown national anthem and much more.
Community Barbecue (5-6 p.m.) – This is open to everyone at a cost of $5 per person; tickets need to be purchased ahead of time at the main office. There will be great food and entertainment as well.
Open House (6-7:30 p.m.) – Come for a tour of the exciting curriculum projects and activities that happen year round at LMS and a chance to meet the faculty of LMS in 2014.