At the voting booths on June 10, Mexico residents will be asked if they want to borrow more money for town roads. That will be on a separate piece of paper and is a “yes” or “no” question.

Mexico taxpayers still owe for the road work just done. Do people run their homes that way?

The selectmen could close the library, or cut it to half-time. They could run the recreation department only six months a year (May through October) and do basketball in the schools that are already heated, and which taxpayers already pay for.

Selectmen could give, or better yet, sell the recreation building to someone who wants to be a landlord and let him be fully responsible for the building. Mexico citizens should not be landlords.

Mexico could make do with a four-man police department.

Doing those things might free up enough money to pay for more needed road work. And in future years, when money become available (ha, ha), go back to a full-time recreation department.

Right now, residents must concentrate on what is necessary, not on the “fluff.”

I will be voting “no” on additional road work.

Gary Coffin, Mexico

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