I am very disappointed in U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. I have written her on many occasions expressing my concerns and the concerns of Maine’s working class on various topics that I believe are important to Maine and particularly her constituents in Franklin County.

I have asked her to vote yea or nay on important legislative items of concern to Maine. Unfortunately, she straddles the political divide so often that it is impossible to know where she stands or what she stands for.

Recently I asked her to vote against giving the president trade promotion authority regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A simple enough request, or so I thought — vote against a Democratic president and preserve democratic principals for an open and transparent trade deal with corporations and foreign governments. Her response was, “I will continue to follow the ongoing [secret] TPP negotiations closely …”

One would think she might support open and fair trade agreements, and vote against giving any president carte blanche authority, yet she is unsure. After the failed trade policies of CAFTA and NAFTA, she is still unsure.

I expect my senator to represent Maine’s best interests and the will of her constituents, but she ends up serving herself and her own interests.

I continue to be disappointed in her votes and her commitment to Maine’s working class and its citizenry.

Gary McGrane, Jay

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