Shopping Siren has a thing for purses.

Just so you know. Like, say, in case I make your Christmas list. Or you remember my birthday (November). Or you happen to wander into EllieAnna Purse Co.

Because if you have a thing for purses — or you know someone with a thing for purses — EllieAnna provides manna from heaven. The kind of manna that is hand-sewn and comes with pockets.

EllieAnna made the news in 2011 when it was tapped to provide 800 fabric-covered notepads for the official gift bag at that year’s Emmys. Since then, business has apparently gone gangbusters because EllieAnna moved from its cramped home garage space on Main Street in Lewiston to a storefront down the road, across from Moody’s Collision Center and next to Roak the Florist.

The new shop is filled with bags. Need a wristlet? Check. Purse? Check. Shopping tote with a navy blue anchor pattern for those nautical-themed trips to the grocery store? Check. 

It also has a smattering of antiques, Maine-made gifts and other EllieAnna items, including those fabric-covered notepads made famous by the Emmys. So you too can own something owned by Martin Scorsese, Melissa McCarthy and the entire cast of “Downton Abbey.” (Or at least those cast members who stayed long enough to grab a free gift bag.)    

So, in sum: Purses rock. EllieAnna is cool. My birthday is in November.

Happy shopping!

* Aubrey bag, $58

Good-sized purse with two inside pockets, a large outside pocket and an adjustable strap. Big enough to hold a wallet, cellphone, compact umbrella and, should you be so inclined, a small dog. Pattern and color clash with Fifi? EllieAnna will make the Aubrey bag — or any fabric item — with whatever fabric you want. So giant purple flowers it is. 

* Mini List Taker, $12.50

Otherwise known as the thing in the Emmys gift bag. (Not to be confused with EllieAnna’s List Taker/Waitress Notepad, which is bigger, costs a few dollars more and was not given to Jim Parsons, the guy who plays Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.”) The mini holds a little notepad and has slots for a pen and extra paper, for all your jotting-down needs. Think grocery list. Or directions for tracking down Jim Parsons. Either one.

* Dog collar, $18

Collars come in various sizes, patterns and colors. My favorite: deep red emblazoned with “Keep calm and bark on.” Excellent advice.

* Burlap wristlet, $24

Outside is burlap; inside is patterned fabric. Definitely not your grandmother’s burlap sack.

* Bunnies, $8

Palm-sized stuffed bunnies whose flanks have been embroidered with symbols (flower, soccer ball, ladybug) a la “My Little Pony.” Forget keeping a rabbit’s foot for luck. Carry the whole rabbit. 

* Bibs and burp cloths, $8 and $6

Flannel front, soft plush back. They feel too fancy to be consigned to mashed carrots and spit-up. But then again, nothing is too fancy where mashed carrots and spit-up are involved.

* Galaxie Salsa, $6.95

Maine-made. Gluten-free. Ingredients include zucchini. Not what you’d normally find in a purse shop, but I’m pretty sure Galaxie Salsa can handle the stares. Just don’t point.  

Best find: The Market Tote Basket

Big enough to carry the fixings for a complete Italian dinner, stylishly. I favored a navy blue tote patterned with tiny anchors. It’s nautical in a way that’s not nauseating. That’s important.

Think twice: Penny Pouch, $8

Don’t even bother with a pouch to hold your pennies. They will all be spent at EllieAnna.

Shopping Siren’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who definitely keep calm and bark on ) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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