If the anti-bear hunting referendum that has been proposed passes, there could be a significant increase in the bear population in Maine. That population has been stable since at least the 1950s with continued hunting over bait and with dogs.

The increase in bear population would result in a lot of hungry bears, as there is a limited food supply available. Those bears could become a nuisance, coming near homes and possibly attacking pets, such as cats and dogs. Those nuisance bears would have to be trapped and relocated.

Presumably any electoral district that votes for the referendum is “bear friendly.” The greater the percentage of voters voting for the referendum, the more deserving those districts would be of having their own bears.

In light of that, I suggest that the rogue bears be relocated to the center of each district favoring the referendum. The first bear should be relocated to the district with the highest percentage of voters favoring the referendum. The second should go to the district with the next highest percentage until each district favoring the referendum gets its own bear relocated to its center.

The process then could be repeated as needed.

Charles Rappaport, Kingfield

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