I am not a Lewiston property owner, but I am opposed to bringing more subsidized housing into the area. I write this because Auburn and Lewiston officials are talking about a merger and I do not want any future share of the burden of those units.

The fire victims have found new residences. So, the logical assumption is that 29 new families will come to a city that is already overloaded with non-English speaking, unemployed welfare recipients.

Those apartments could hold as many as a dozen people each. That is income lost by local businesspeople who have reasonably priced units and have maintained their buildings for years. And with perhaps two vehicles per unit, that’s a lot of SUVs and vans to park off street in winter in that region of the city.

The schools are valiantly trying to stay above F grades and unable to make progress due to the many students requiring individual, specialized and expensive assistance. Adding students from 29 similarly large families would be a huge challenge for the entire school system.

I am hearing that taxpayers are fed up with watching others prosper from their hard labor while their own families lose advancement. Good jobs are almost non-existent and more leave the state every day.

Lewiston does not need 29 more families without skills or desire to pay their own way.

June Chartier, Auburn

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