Liberals now outnumber conservatives, which doesn’t bode well politically for getting this country back to the founding principles for which it stood.

As liberals continue to trample over the Bill of Rights, it only gets worse. The founders understood that, in the truest sense, the individual was in the greatest minority. He stood alone against a power hungry government. The Bill of Rights was to protect the individual.

Liberal ideology professes “equality,” but look at the programs the liberal agenda pushes. Equality does not mean equal opportunity, it means equal stuff.

Liberals try to control people’s thinking. Class warfare is one example. The end result of the liberal agenda is to push everyone to their lowest common denominator; then everyone is equal. The lowest common denominator among men represents the worst in us.

So what is a conservative? A conservative recognizes the opposite of the lowest common denominator … in other words, the best in each individual; recognizes free thinkers, self-motivators, those who cherish religion. Conservatives also recognize individuals who will always be outnumbered by any group seeking to silence, condemn and eradicate those who disagree with the liberal agenda.

That’s why democracies fail.

The Bill of Rights was supposed to protect the public against a government gone power hungry. As voters continue to allow the most liberal president ever to tread over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we are allowing our country to be reduced to its lowest common denominators.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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