MINOT — Selectman Eda Tripp brought the board’s attention Monday to several complaints she recently received from residents. The most notable was a growing pile of debris in the cul-de-sac at the end of Hillside Avenue.

Selectmen agreed that past discussions with the person responsible for the mess have not produced the desired result and they directed Town Administrator Arlan Saunders to get the code enforcement officer on it.

Selectmen also made it clear that should CEO Ken Pratt’s citation prove ineffective, Saunders has their permission to bring in the town’s attorney.

In other business, Saunders told the board he was approached by his contact at Androscoggin Bank who suggested the town might want to look into allowing residents doing business with the town to use credit or debit cards for their transactions.

Saunders said that in the past the town didn’t want to get involved because the 2 or 3 percent transaction fees charged by the banks put a direct dent in property taxes or other fees the town might collect. However, that appears to have changed and in these instances the transaction fees go directly to the cardholder, he said.

“Now that the law has been changed so fees revert to the cardholder, we would lose nothing,” Selectman Dean Campbell said.

Saunders was directed to look into the matter and report back.

Selectmen also took action that may forestall placing formal notices seeking bids for tax-acquired property on Minot Avenue formerly belonging to Christina Walker. The board met with one of Walker’s relatives who asked if there was any way she could pay the amount owed.

While the property has been in arrears for unpaid taxes for years, this year selectmen had been unable to contact Walker to make last-minute arrangements that might prevent the town from acquiring the property.

Selectmen agreed that if Walker’s relative came in with full payment by Friday, they would stop the process. Christina Walker must become involved, and should the payment be made by Friday the deed for the property would go to her and not her relative, they said.

Saunders also reported that Andrea Hinkley, the town’s assistant clerk, has given her notice and he is advertising for a replacement.

Selectmen asked Saunders to draft a letter to Hinkley with the board’s best wishes and commendations for a job well done.

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