DIXFIELD — RSU 10 Building and Grounds director Kenny Robbins told the school board Monday that about 80 percent of the roof at Mountain Valley High School is sealed.

“It’s still squishable,” he said.

Although the severe leaks that destroyed much of Muskie Auditorium and drained into several classrooms and Puiia Gymnasium have been eliminated, a few minor leaks have occurred during the past couple of weeks.

Robbins said once the roof is completely sealed, some minor leaks will continue to occur, but not to the severity of the past few months.

He said the insurance adjuster plans to meet with district personnel one more time before the amount of damage is determined.

Constant leaks have not only caused classes to relocate, but also have interfered with some of the high school’s graduation events.


Principal Matt Gilbert said the last event to be relocated is the annual spring concert. It will be held on the front steps of the high school at 5:45 p.m., Wednesday, he said.

Long-term plans may call for replacement of the entire roof at a cost expected to be more than a million dollars.

However, the district is currently studying all of its schools with an eye toward possibly restructuring or closing some of them. Superintendent Craig King has said that a decision on replacing the high school roof won’t be made until recommendations are made by an architect who is currently studying the district’s buildings.

Robbins said the only section of the high school now off-limits is the auditorium. In addition to destroying the carpeting, the major leaking has also damaged the sound system, which has asbestos in it. Robbins said that will be removed once school lets out for the summer.

In other matters, the board learned of the breakdown of the number of graduates and the planned next steps for students from each of the three high schools.

The official number of students who graduated last week and other data are as follows:


Buckfield Junior-Senior High School — 39 graduates; 17 to attend four-year colleges, 13 to attend two-year colleges, two enlisting in the military, seven entering the workforce and four needing summer school, adult education or a fifth year of high school to graduate.

Dirigo High School — 84 graduates; 38 to attend four-year colleges, 24 to attend two-year colleges, three to attend other post-secondary schools, four to enter the military, nine entering the workforce, six with unknown plans and five needing summer school, adult education or a fifth year of high school to graduate.

Mountain Valley High School — 81 graduates; 35 to attend four-year colleges, 19 to attend two-year colleges, two to attend other post-secondary schools, three to enter the military, 22 with unknown plans and five needing summer school, adult education or a fifth year of high school to graduate.

The board also approved a revenue anticipation note of up to $4 million at an interest rate of .79 percent from Androscoggin Savings Bank, if needed. Business manager Mary Dailey said applying for a RAN is routine.

The district borrowed $1.3 million during school year 2013-14, which will be repaid by June 30.

Also, the board approved placement of a predoctoral student from the University of Southern Maine in the district for 12 months. The intern would be under the supervision of Director of Special Services Clarissa Errington, and would be paid a $15,000 stipend taken from the district’s Local Entitlement Grant.

The next meeting will be on July 7, rather than its usual fourth Monday in June because the superintendent and assistant superintendent will be attending the Annual Superintendent’s Conference.

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