FARMINGTON — With voting results for eight of 10 towns in RSU 9 reporting late Tuesday, the proposed $31 million school spending package was passing by a vote of 1,268-842.

Farmington voters passed the budget by a 491-243 vote. Starks voters approved the package 56-7.

New Vineyard voters rejected it by a vote of 66-27. Chesterville voters also rejected the budget by a 75-63 vote.

Industry residents approved it by a 68-33 vote and Wilton voters passed it in a 389-289 vote. Vienna residents also approved the package by a vote of 61-31.

 New Sharon voters passed the budget 113-98.

Weld and Temple hadn’t reported results as of 10:25 p.m.

The proposed school budget is 4.3 percent or $1.29 million more than the current $29.7 million budget.

Revenue projections indicate that the district is anticipating $18.2 million from the state, which is a decrease of $275,315 from the current year.

The amount the towns would have to raise as a total, if the budget remains the same, is $12.29 million for both the K-12 and adult education budgets, according to the district’s information.

It is up by $1.38 million partly because the towns need to raise about $200,000 more for three years to get the state’s full education contribution. It is estimated that by 2016-17 the towns need to raise $664,473 overall to meet state law.

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