Susan Collins says she’s an independent thinker, but although she talks about thinking over the issues, she votes right along the Republican hard line.

She boasts about ending the government shutdown, without mentioning she voted for the shutdown three times.

She voted against equal pay for women; against raising the minimum wage; against better medical care for veterans.

It’s time for a change.

Recently I met an energetic woman named Shenna Bellows, who is passionate about helping working families in Maine — the kind of family in which she was raised.

She supports raising the minimum wage, protecting Social Security and investing in the small businesses that are the backbone of Maine’s economy.

In adult education, I worked with many Mainers striving to get an education, get to work and support their families. They need someone on their side in Washington, not making their lives harder.

I’m voting for Shenna Bellows.

Judy Green, North Waterford

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