As a veteran, I am angered by Gov. LePage and Eliot Cutler’s accusations against a stalwart friend and supporter of veterans of the U.S. Armed forces, U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud.

Michaud has been a loud and often lonely voice in the U.S. House of Representatives, fighting for improvements in the Veterans Affairs system. In fact, many other veterans and I sat at the grand opening of the VA health center in Lewiston, listening to Anne LePage and several others praise and thank Michaud for his work on behalf of veterans.

It is shameful that some would “spin” the scandal in the VA health care system to forward their political agendas. Accusations that Michaud has not done enough could not be further from the truth.

He has already presented legislation to create greater accountability in the VA, revoke bonuses paid, and stop future bonuses based on meeting “waiting list” criteria. And, he continues to fight for proper funding of treatment centers to prevent the long waiting lists that are the real root of the problem.

Thanks to Michaud’s leadership, veterans here in Maine are able to participate in a landmark pilot program that allows them to seek treatment at any facility that will accept VA reimbursement, instead of having to travel long distances to VA treatment centers. That means they will be seen sooner, and alleviates the backlog at VA centers.

Rather than attacking Michaud, people should be more concerned with who will fill his shoes when he leaves Congress.

Bettyann Sheats, Auburn

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