WILTON — A Wilton man faces charges after a wild ride Wednesday ended with his vehicle stuck in a horse pasture on Orchard Drive.

Police say Ryan A. Brann, 36, took off at about 3 p.m. in a family member’s Jeep Cherokee without permission to use it. Police were told he was using illegal drugs and was unfit to drive, police Chief Heidi Wilcox said.

“He took out a couple mailboxes on School Street and then went off the road on Orchard Drive,” Wilcox said. “He traveled across a lawn into the pasture, damaging a fence, the field and the vehicle.” 

When he got stuck the first time, a 14-year-old male passenger jumped out and ran to the road, yelling for help, Wilcox said. 

Wilcox drove into the field as far as the police cruiser could go, and Brann attempted to leave. The vehicle became stuck a second time farther up the field, she said.

When she got to the car, Brann had locked himself inside and was huffing dust spray right in front of her, she said.

The passenger complained of neck and head pain, but the family declined medical attention, she said. His mother intended to take him to a family doctor.

Brann was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital by a NorthStar ambulance. He was treated and released, she said.

He was then taken to Franklin County Detention Center on a felony charge of driving after habitual offender revocation and charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving to endanger because of the teen in the vehicle, she said.

Brann’s license is revoked on a prior charge of driving under the influence, Wilcox said. He has an extensive driving record.

He was also given a summons on a civil charge of ingesting inhalants.

There was considerable damage to the vehicle, although police are unsure how the damage occurred. The driver door was pushed in, making it impossible to get out, she said.

The family thought Brann was headed for Chesterville, and Wilton police officer Brian Lynch started to go there, she said.

Lynch and officers from Jay police and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department came to help at the scene.

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