100 years ago, 1914
Lewiston baseball fans have the pool epidemic and are taking doses all the way from ten cents with a $5 prize to 25 cents with the prize of ten dollars each day. The basis for awarding the money is the total number of runs scored in the day or week by a certain number of teams selected by the maker. The largest pool running in Lewiston has six teams, two from the major leagues and two from the New England league. There are approximately 30 pools paying all sorts of prizes running in Lewiston. Newspaper bulletin boards attract a large crowd every night and nearly every person is busy with a printed slip and a pencil figuring up the runs and reckoning the highest possible total.

50 years ago, 1964
The interest and generosity of the Auburn Grandstand Club has resulted in the paving of a new outdoor basketball court at Moulton Field in Auburn. The asphalt was donated by a local business man, an Auburn resident. The site was graded by the Auburn Highway Department and parksmen constructed the forms for the 30 by 60-foot playing surface.
Plans for the new facility resulted from a tag day held by the Grandstand Club at which more than $100 was raised. With the donation of the asphalt, however, the money will now be used to purchase basketball standards. The drive to provide the new facilities was spearheaded by Grandstand Club members Malcolm Philbrook and James Bouchles.

25 years ago, 1989
(Editorial) You have to give Lisbon town officials credit for being good sports. The town’s five selectmen, manager and police chief are all vying for the dubious opportunity to kiss a pig as part of Lisbon’s annual Moxie Day activities on July 8. The official receiving the most votes (which cost $1 each) will publicly smooch a swine. When municipal officials show that they are not above a little old-fashioned fun at their own expense, it’s good for the whole town. And the fact that the money raised will help beautify and maintain a local park doesn’t hurt either.

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