I was totally shocked and dismayed at seeing the Sun Journal’s front page photo (July 22) of two children swimming in a pool just after the tragic drowning of Abigail Rodrigue in Minot. The Rodrigue family is reeling in grief and sorrow at the loss of their little angel, which was reported by the Sun Journal on page A3.

I can just imagine that already broken hearts were shattered when they saw that picture. The timing could not have been worse.

The Sun Journal has had it’s share of journalistic faux pas in the past, but in my 40-plus years of reading, that takes the cake.

I sincerely hope that the Sun Journal will offer an apology to the Rodrigue family, along with sympathetic condolences.

Randall Shaw, Auburn

Editor’s note: Upon reflection, I agree that we should not have run that photo at this time. I accept responsibility for the mistake and apologize. —Rex Rhoades, executive editor

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