Media in the U.S. have consistently shortchanged the Palestinians when it comes to covering its conflict with Israel. The Sun Journal follows in lock step, first with an inane piece from Cal Thomas (July 16) and then with Charles Krauthammer (July 20).

Unless one believes that invading Iraq was a smashing success, anything written by Krauthammer on global politics should be taken with a giant grain of salt. He was among the neo-cons behind the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

There were so many fallacies in Krauthammer’s piece on Gaza that I can’t begin to address them adequately in the space allotted. In this latest, tragic invasion of Gaza, the death toll there has exceeded 500, mostly civilians, and is climbing, with thousands more injured.

It is disingenuous and simplistic to lay all of the blame on Hamas as justification of this massive, disproportionate military assault on one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. Since 2007, Israel has closed all of the borders of Gaza and severely limited the flow of goods coming into and leaving the area. As one Israeli leader infamously stated, “We are going to put Gaza on a diet.”

According to Red Cross, that “diet” has created a humanitarian crisis. One in 10 children is severely malnourished and the supply of fresh water is dangerously limited. Every time Israel invades, hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure are destroyed. The vast majority are forced to live in deplorable conditions, often described by human rights organizations as an open air prison.

Is it any wonder terrorism is born of such circumstances?

Until Israel deals with that crisis in a humane manner, there will never be peace in the region.

Kathleen Kienitz, Auburn

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