HEBRON — Thousands of people from all over the country are expected to descend upon an otherwise quiet stretch of Route 124 for the fourth annual Redneck ‘Blank’ beginning Thursday. 

Several hundred would-be Olympians, a word the International Olympic Committee has twice threatened to sue over should organizer Harold Brooks ever use it to promote his event, have already bought tickets and thousands more are expected to show up for the raucous, rowdy events. 

Brooks’ cellphone rings incessantly, evidence of how much the games have grown since they were launched in 2011. Numerous media inquiries, including national coverage from “The Daily Show” and the History Channel, as well as a reputation for copious drinking, has ensured that for at least a few months every summer the rural back roads of Hebron erupt into a party.

Last year, a couple was married during a ceremony at the event, and the bride plunged into the mud pit, wedding dress and all.

Despite the fanfare, Brooks is inconspicuous, a model of calm as last-minute details are arranged. His laid-back attitude is stamped over the entire edifice of the event. A delay here, a cancellation there won’t disrupt the game’s mission of unbridled fun.

Fans familiar with past games will find the event largely unchanged. Brooks has tweaked very little and the familiar gamut of mud tug of war, greased watermelon run, wife haul and pickled-pig-feet bobbing are on the schedule.

New this year is a coleslaw wrestling pit — forks, or clothes for that matter, not required — and “something special” left teasingly unspecified for insurance purposes. 

While Brooks’ close friends and regular attendees start to trickle in Thursday, the event winds to a crescendo as the weekend approaches. Friday will have a few more bands, while Saturday features the host of games, concerts throughout the day, a pig roast for $12 and a wet T-shirt contest to culminate the day.

Sunday the event will wind down, though guests, as Brooks calls attendees, are encouraged to depart at their own pace.

Musicians this year include AC/DC cover band Back in Black, Boston-based rockers the Adam Ezra Group, Soul Mojo and Tina Kelly.

While bands are paid, most of the event built upon a backbone of volunteers and a network of contacts that has grown with the games. As Brooks talks, a team of workers erect two large food tents; somewhere in the background a lawn mower tries to keep the hayfield site in check.

Brooks, a contractor, said it’s not about the games; they’re an illusion to unite people in a fearless celebration of the good things in life. 

“When I first pictured it, it was like a giant church picnic; it’s by no means that, but it’s not about the booze,” he said. “For one day, everyone can just escape from their lives.”

This year’s games will be held from July 31 to Aug. 3 at Brook’s 210 acres of fields and pastures at 12 Harold Lane in Hebron. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $50 for the weekend or $25 for a day or in advance for $5 less.  

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