PARIS — The Oxford Hills Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program celebrated another successful read-a-thon for SAD 17 students grades kindergarten through six by raising over $13,000.

An ice cream social was held to recognize this years’ outstanding participants. 107 students were invited for either raising $50 or more or being a top place reader in the district.

Awards were given for top pledges and readers in the district.

Top readers

K-3: first, Max Davis, Oxford; second, Elizabeth Hill, Rowe; third, Michael Eppinger, Oxford; grades 4-6: Isaac Roy, Rowe; Zenovia Tripp, Rowe; Jackson Leduc, Rowe.

Top pledges

K-3: Grady Brown and Kolby Brown, Rowe; Emily Reed, Paris; Hayden Hethcoat, Rowe; grades 4-6: Caden Poland, Rowe; Isabelle LaFrance, Rowe; Chloe Tufts, Hebron.

Attending were the following:

Agnes Gray: Evan White, Sophie Mae Green, Claire Henderson, Kallistra Stearns, Carlton Dailey, Erwin Brown, Carson Koskela, Kadyn Bailey, Amelia Bisson, Mackenzie Henderson, Steven McCain, Kimberly Paul.

Guy E. Rowe: Hayden Hethcoat, Annaliese Paradis, Sierra Powell, Colby Brackett, Meredith Harthorne, Preston Newcomb, Tyler Larrivee, Mataya Perkins, Isabelle Pereno, Caitrin Meagher, Madeline Poland, Dominic Boughman, Alyson Cash, Abigail Clark, Breanna Powell, Copper Libby, Carlee Cash, Lewis Arnold, Carter Cox, Caden Poland, Jackson Leduc, Zenovia Tripp, McKenna Herrick, Anthony Vladyka, Jeffery Prange Jr., Kolby Brown, Grady Brown, Isabelle LaFrance, Raven Jade Rainey, Kobe Bernard, Adelaide Harthorne, Carter Holbrook, Avery Hilden, Elizabeth Hill, Isaac Roy, Alegra Meagher, Caleb Wilson, Madison Farris.

Hebron Station: Jenni Flynn, Avery Powers, Dustin Harrington, Jonathan Tilton, Anne Hatch, Cameron Pulkkinen, Cole Pulkkinen, Oscar Gronros, Chloe Tufts.

Otisfield: Hannah Grover, Cameron Worden.

Oxford: Bentley Worden, Max Davis, Michael Eppinger, Avery Marston, Joseph Bourassa, Mariah Perkins, Emily Wilson, Lily Varney, Natalie Gray, David Daignault, Eli LaVerdiere, Joanna Simard, Carter Wyman, Lauren Millett, Amber Eppinger, Jason Wallace, Abigail Perkins, Aliza Moore, Connor Van Worthe, Destiny Eppinger, Kaylin Bashaw, Nicholas Wilson, Elise Storer, Jessica Bahuslaw, Nathan Plourde, Shaunna Cobb, Michelle Wilson.

Paris: Cody Albert, Mackenzie Federico, Olivia Grover, Kyle Mann, Sonny Durgin, Desirae Travers, Bethany Reed, Evey Hall, Devin Grover, Kina McInnis, Aila Pawlowski, Benjamin Britton, Emily Reed, Jordan Pollack, Mackenie Grenier, Elijah Strout, Julia Gay, Ashlee Gay, Hannah Hatch.

Waterford: Rylie Lee, Rylynne Ward, Hannah Chapman, John Marston, Ella Noonan, Hayden Farrell, Chloe Ward.

The local business community has been supportive of the RIF program, which provides three free books for students K-6 district wide (2,000 students) a year. Participation in the read-a-thon that makes this possible.

Each school relies on volunteers to hand out books three times a year. Representatives are Maury Blake, Hebron; Sarah Wilson, Paris; Darlene Rogers, Agnes Gray; Michelle Huckins, Otisfield; Florende Ward, Toni Fuller, Harrison; Dorene Vail, Guy E. Rowe; Samantha Murch and Katelyn Merrill, Waterford; and Lucy Pike, Oxford.

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