RUMFORD — The following people were recently appointed by selectmen:

* Bob Chase, Med-Care Ambulance Service Board, three years.

* Brad Adley, Med-Care Ambulance Service Board alternate, three years.

* Daniel Richard, Parks & Recreation Commission, three years.

* Ryan Palmer, Parks & Recreation Commission, three years.

* Kenneth MacFawn, Planning Board, three years.

* James Thibodeau, Planning Board, three years.

* David Errington, plumbing inspector, one year.

* James Thibodeau, Rumford Water District Board, two years left on Fredric Kennard’s term.

* James McDonald, Sealer of Weights & Measures, one year.

Executive Secretary Terri Palmer said Wednesday that a Planning Board alternate post has not been filled for the past few years and doubted it would be readvertised.

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