Wrongful, senseless death has become an epidemic in America and parents with dull minds are responsible.

Lately, the news is about parents leaving their children in the back seat of their cars in Georgia, Arizona and Kansas with all the windows closed tight and the temperature on the outside, hot and humid enough for a child to suffocate to death and their excuse is: “I forgot my child was in the back seat.”

Unwise decisions are being made daily by our politicians, but when a parent leaves his or her child locked in the car for hours there’s absolutely no forgiveness whether the child dies or survives.

Anyone who causes a wrongful senseless death of a child should be charged with premeditated murder and sentenced to prison without any chance for parole. I’m referring, with anger, about the parents making national news.

In addition to the death of the child in Georgia, the father in that case was reported to be sending nude pictures to six women while his child was suffocating in the back seat of his car. The death penalty should be considered.

Leaving a child unattended in a locked vehicle compares to someone talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while driving. We also have imbeciles who drink and drive and ends up causing an accidents and/or killing someone. I pray with hope that parents with young children will learn from those who are guilty of negligence and causing a wrongful sensless death!

Robert P. Lacombe, Lewiston

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