CASCO — Raymond-Casco Historical Society will present a program on “A History of the Foods We Eat,” by John Manoush, at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 11, at Raymond-Casco Historical Museum, Route 302.

Fresh, local food is the greatest, but mankind could not have survived without preserved foods. For most of history, fresh foods were not available during much of the year because there were no refrigerated trucks or jet planes to transport it from warmer climates.

Today, we are accustomed to reaching into the freezer or opening a can or packet to access a wide variety of high quality preserved foods, but most of these conveniences have only been available for a tiny percentage of the time man has walked on Earth.

Manoush will combine his interest in history with his training and experience in food science and technology to describe what our diets were like before the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of the 1800s, and how man has discovered ever more clever ways to keep food from spoiling so that we may enjoy a varied and healthful diet all year long.

He will also take a look at the newest methods and what we might expect for “future foods.”

All are welcome and admission is free, but any donations are always appreciated.

For more information visit or call Pam Grant at 655-2438.

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