RANGELEY — Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust hired three interns for the summer season. Executive Director Chris Devine felt there was a need to have more hands in the field as RLHT’s responsibilities have grown over the past few years.

The staff put together a fun and active job description early this past winter and got the word out via local newspapers, word of mouth and local universities.

As luck would have it, all three interns hired are local people that have a vested interest in the Rangeley Lakes Region. Noah Rousseau, Cody Brooks and Mallory Patton are heading up the crew this season. Noah (son of RLHT Stewardship Director Shelby Rousseau) has much experience with trail maintenance and knowledge of RLHT properties throughout the region. Mallory is working on her degree in environmental policy and management, and has field experience collecting water samples and data collection. Cody Brooks recently graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in environmental engineering.

The interns flip flop between headwaters and stewardship responsibilities, along with taking over the maintenance of the remote campsites from CLPC. Each week the interns split up and take care of their particular responsibilities for the week. On the second week of the rotation they switch, therefore getting a chance to gain experience in all aspects of RLHT hands on conservation.

Each intern has opportunity to venture out on the trails, checking for markings, as well as clearing debris and making sure trails are always safe and passable. On the water, they test lakes and ponds for water clarity, dissolved oxygen content and to monitor for invasive plants via plant patrolling and occupying local boat launches to inspect boats before and after launch.

Each intern has had the chance to maintain each of the remote sites along the west shore of Cupsuptic, as well as the site along the Cupsuptic River. 

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