AUBURN — Paul R. Bernard is looking for a permanent building where African Christians can meet to pray and worship without fear and become productive citizens in our communities.

Bernard states that protests are increasing around the world against Islamic extremists who have purged Iraqi and African Christians from lands they have inhabited for 2,000 years.

Demonstrations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been held in England, Canada, Germany, France, Unites States, Sweden, Denmark and Australia since the militia began threatening Christians in Mosul to convert or be killed and recently blew up a tomb believed to be the burial place of the Biblical prophet Jonah.

ISIS took control of Iraq’s second-largest city, where Christians have lived for the past 2,000 years, in June.

“Islamic immigrants in Lewiston-Auburn embrace the Christians and are working closely with the Catholic Charities of Maine,” according to Bernard. “We all stand together in the twin cities and say no to discrimination, regardless of religion and ethnicity.”

Bernard is calling on Christians and Muslims to display the Arabic letter “N” for “Nasrani,” which means Christian in Arabic. “I will continue to show my support for my Christian brothers and sisters at whatever cost and condemn in the strongest terms ISIS’ threats and actions which are inhumane acts against Christians,” Bernard stated.

“We are praying that local Christians will join our efforts and help us to establish a Christian Church in the Lewiston-Auburn area for refugees escaping the brutalities of ISIS.”

Anyone interested in helping can contact Bernard at [email protected] or call 207-225-3990. Leave a message and someone will get back to you.

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